Sunday, December 26, 2010

Resolution time? Again? Ugh.

Yup, it’s that time of year. All the hustle and bustle of the Holidays has passed and we're all left with this... vacuum. For weeks you've been running around: buying this and planning that, shipping this and decorating that. Now what? To fill the void left in these last few days of the calendar year, our minds turn to thoughts of what didn't get done rather than celebrating those things we did accomplish. In this spirit, I offer these lists:

Things I accomplished this year:
1. Started my own website (have YOU visited it yet?)
2. Officially became a professional writer (I wrote + I got paid = pro)
3. Shook off the fear and submitted short stories to literary magazines

Things I could not have accomplished this year without the generosity of others:
1. gotten the kids outfitted for school & Christmas
2. stayed in the Garden choir
3. kept the house out of foreclosure

Things I keep saying I will do but haven't yet:
1. Forego Christmas Cards and send New Year's cards. No religious affiliations to worry about!
2. Finish that novel. Any novel.
3. Stop fearing the fallout and tell certain people how I really feel.

Now, the rest of you: make your lists. Pat yourself on the back a little, kick yourself in the ass a little. Make. Your. Lists.

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