Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Going Buggy

I went into my son's bedroom to put his clean clothes away and noticed a sock on his bed. A sock way too big for him. And really dirty to boot. What follows is the conversation that ensued. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Mommy: What is this?

Elroy: A sock.

Mommy: Yes, I know its a sock. Where did it come from?

Elroy: Please don't throw it away.

Mommy: But where did you get it?

Elroy: George gave it to me.

Mommy: George gave you a dirty sock?

Elroy: Yes.

Mommy: Why? And who is George?

Elroy: You know, George. Me and Freddy and George hang out at school.

Mommy: And why did George give you a dirty sock.

Elroy: We want to keep beetles.

Mommy: What?!

Elroy: We're all going to keep beetles.

Mommy: Are you telling me there are beetles in this sock?

Elroy: Yes.

We're not keeping the sock.

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