Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jazz on a summers day

It would seem that Drum Corps Melancholy is setting in early this year. I was out in the yard raking, pulled a new trash bag out of the box and shook it out to open it. The wind caught it and it fluttered in the breeze... and suddenly I wasn't in my front yard anymore. I was on a field in Somewhere, USA in mid-July, waiting for the command to back it up and run the opener again. I was in Pembroke Pines, Florida standing on the sun drenched practice field at a Saturday camp. I could almost hear the distant call of bugles, the snap of a flag tossed into the air, the beckoning rap of a stick on a snare. But, no, just my front yard, wind chimes tinkling like mallets on a vibraphone. Is it June yet?


  1. For me it's the smells of freshly cut grass mingled with diesel exhaust fumes at this time of year, or a blue sky dotted with puffy white clouds tinged with grey, or a balmy evening anywhere near a lit athletic field...
    Who knew that one summer's worth of BD Tour could affect one's life so profoundly????

  2. Diesel exhaust! Ah, my favorite smell :) When did you march BD? I marched Florida Wave for four years back in the 80's and also know some ppl who marched Devils. Thanks for reading!