Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brave New World

This week I am taking my first steps into an unfamiliar world. The world of... the housewife.

Disclaimer: I am not disparaging the housewife. Women who are patient-or-wealthy-or-self sacrificing-or-smart-or-crazy enough to do it have my respect. It's probably the hardest and least appreciated job there is. That, or hotel maid during Spring Break. My problem is that I have been a full time working professional since 1990. Now unemployed, I find myself unable to let go of old habits. Housecleaning is to be done on Saturday. Laundry on Sunday. Dinner is at 7:30. This was my world for nearly twenty years and I am finding it exeedingly difficult to break out of this routine.

My days thus far have been spent scouring want ads, sending out feelers, attending job fairs, networking. I have polished my resume until its reflection can be seen from space. Other than that, I have felt disorganized, unfocused. Twitchy. If the last few months of job-seeking are any indication, I am not soon to be back in the 9-5 world. I may even be (gulp) unemployable. I have the experience but not the education. "Eleven years in an office? Great! Where's your BA? Don't have one? Oh. Well, thanks anyway."

So... I have applied for financial aid, applied to the local community college and sent off a copy of my high school transcript. Hope someone at the college can read Arameic. If all goes well I will be sitting in a classroom come May. In the meantime, I might as well take the opportunity to make a new routine. With one eye on the bank account I am now attempting to get my Donna Reed on.

I am working on a business venture and am in the design phase of my new website. Once launched, this venture will take up most of my "free" time. The money is the only thing that worries me. Hubby is a subcontractor so we never know how much is coming in. Or when. For now, we are holding steady. If worse comes, we can trim some things. If really bad comes, well... I don't like to think about that too much. Hopefully my venture will take flight and pay off. It will. It must!

So it would seem that I now have time to clean, time to cook a decent meal (or at least try), time to enjoy the great outdoors. Gee... other than the looming threat of financial disaster, I think I might like this housewife thing just fine.

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  1. Update! I am really failing miserably at this homemaker thing. Old habits, ya know, mixed with the occasional bouts of panic that accompanies being out of work. *sigh* But it should be noted that I have not taken to watching Days of Our Lives or Oprah. So, that's something.